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S-03: Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Motor: Type :3-phase, squirrel-cage (or on demand)
Power: 0.18 kW
Voltage: 3x400V, 50Hz (60Hz) (or on demand)
Speed: 1350 1/min.
Protection class : IP65 (fully hermetized)
Oil pump: Gear pump (Monobloc version)
Hydraulic power : 250 l/hour
Safety valve Adjustable: 3b
Filter insert Type : B-005-OK-250BP (dia 150)
Material: Cellulose (pre-dried at 0.2 % mass weight)
Filtering grade: 3 µm
Typical pressure drop at 20C:
New insert : < 2 bar (3 bar)
Max. storage time : 12 months, with undamaged package
Pressure / flow reading Gauge (-100, 300 kPa)
Noise < 65 dB(A)
Weight (without oil) 34 kg
Connection Hose 3/8“ , hard tubing 3/8“
Surface protection all-stainless


The schematical lay-out of the installation of the S-03 filter unit on a tap-changer is shown at Fig.1 .

Fig. 1.   The schematical lay-out of the installation
Fig. 1. The schematical lay-out of the installation

The S-03 filter unit is usually fixed directly onto the main tank of a transformer.

The hydraulical interconnection between the tap-changer and the S-03 unit is performed by 3/8“ hoses or 3/8“ seamless tubes.

For the detailed description of the installation , power supply and the replacement of the filtration insert See: / News / Manuals.

Structure and function of the S-03 filter unit

Fig. 2 Internal structure of the S-03 unit

The contaminated oil from the bottom of the tap-changer is fed into the S-03 unit by the inlet screw coupling and forced by the monobloc gear pump into the vessel where the special large-volume cellulose filter insert is situated.

The water and particles are removed from the oil due the radial flow of the oil through the filter insert, and captured in/on cellulose fibres. The clean oil leaves the S-03 via outlet screw connection and flows back into the upper part of the tap-changer.

The replacement of the saturated filter insert is very simple and can be performed under normal operational condition of a transformer.

For a detailed description of the filter insert See S-03 Manual.

An example of the standard application

An example of the standard application – the triple S-03 system - the three S-03 filter units on the common frame for the simultaneous filtration of three tap-changers of the 60 MVA main transformer.

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The hydraulical circuits are performed by pressure hoses with a minimal intervention into the existing oil system of tap-changers. Every tap-changer has here its own S-03 filtration unit.


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